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Masterwork Classics Duets Level 1 [Piano] 1P4H / ALFRED [Duet]

These graded collections of piano duets by master composers are among the best literature available at respective levels. Each duet, written by composers who lived in the 18th, 19th and 20th century, has been carefully edited and fingered for performance ease. Titles: A Bike Ride, Op. 432, No. 5 (Arnoldo) * A Little Waltz (Foote) * Calm Seas, Op. 87, No. 29 (Wohlfahrt) * The Contest, Op. 136, No. 3 (Gurlitt) * Funeral for a Bird, Op. 74, No. 1 (Cui) * Galop, Op. 87, No. 15 (Wohlfahrt) * Gentle Breeze, Op. 87, No. 13 (Wohlfahrt) * Gentle Stream, Op. 62, No. 6 (Berens) * Good Humor (L?w) * In the Boat, Op. 996, No. 14 (Sartorio) * Little and Pert, Op. 996, No. 4 (Sartorio) * Little Cradle Song, Op. 996, No. 6 (Sartorio) * Quite Contented (Foote) * Sailing, Op. 87, No. 47 (Wohlfahrt) * Springtime Waltz, Op. 432, No. 6 (Sartorio) * Waltz, Op. 87, No. 35 (Wohlfahrt).

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