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Island Delights

With lush harmonies, soaring melodies and irresistible Latin rhythms, this radiant solo suite will transport pianists and audiences alike to the Caribbean for a feast of musical treats! The menu includes the spirited, Calypso-flavored Jamaican Skies; an elegant, tropical delicacy in Key Lime Sunset; a sultry, spicy dance in Mango Tango; and ends with a showy, Flamenco finale titled Montego Guitar. Superbly suited as concert or recital fare for intermediate/early advanced players (HLSPL Level 5); Range: full grand staff, leger lines, 8va, 8vb; Meters: 4/4, 6/8, 4/4, 3+3+4/8; Technical features: shifting harmonies producing accidentals, some multiple voicing in each hand, multiple textures, flexible tempi, and an attractive introduction to Latin rhythms. Length: 3 - 4 pages; Average performance time: 2,' Performance time, entire suite: 8'.

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