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Viola Bow - Full Size - CodaBow Prodigy

Student-Centric Viola Bow

You want to master the viola. The CodaBow Prodigy carbon fiber student bow can help you transition from novice to intermediate to advanced. It was designed by master musicians and leading scientists to be the world's best student viola bow.

Select the viola bow that meets your musical demands. We have 3/4 bow sizes available.

  • Balance: Center-Tip
  • Weight: Medium-Light
  • Action: Firm
  • Stiffness: Stiff

Crafted for Beginners by Viola Bow Professionals

The entire CodaBow Prodigy student bow, from frog to tip, was masterfully designed to meet the needs of a developing viola player. If you’re working with a newer understanding of bows, though, how do you translate balance, weight, action, and stiffness to picking the best student viola bow?

Confident Balance for Developing Motor Control

Balance refers to the distribution of weight along the length of the bow, and some viola players believe balance helps determine the "feel" of a bow more than the weight does. The balance of a well-constructed bow has an even weight distribution, making it comfortable and easy to maneuver. The Prodigy boasts a Center-Tip balance that is controlled and forgiving tailored for supporting coarse motor control and early right-hand technique. A viola bow that helps beginners foster a sense of confidence in their movement.

Beginner-Friendly Weight for Easier Maneuvering

When we talk about weight, we mean the bow's overall heaviness. A student viola bow with more weight might offer more stability and control, while a lighter one might deliver increased agility and ease of movement. With Medium-Light weight, the Prodigy bow is agile and responsive.

Firm Action to Encourage Exploration

The way your viola bow moves across the strings is known as action. A bow with good action feels smooth and effortless to use, but a bow with poor action might feel uncontrolled or rough. Beginners fare better with greater stiffness, therefore, the Prodigy offers Firm action to facilitate a steady string connection. This stable connection encourages early exploration of range and articulation.

High Stiffness and Stable for Hold for Tones That Delight

Stiffness indicates the effort required to flex your viola bow. A stiffer bow may allow you to play more robust passages, while a softer bow may be better suited to playing more peaceful, delicate passages. Delivering higher Stiffness, the Prodigy student viola bow helps achieve better hand stability, leading to a tone that is vibrant and even.

Future-Forward Design

The CodaBow Prodigy has a GlobalBow® designation. GlobalBow means your student viola bow contains zero monitored, regulated, or endangered species (plants or wildlife) and can pass worry-free through international Customs. It's equipped with a Xebony® frog and three grades of ethically-sourced Mongolian horse hair. Xebony® is our proprietary blend of resin and organic fibers that creates elegant shine and natural grain, enamoring both those who make viola bows and those who play with them. Possessing greater strength and durability than real ebony, Xebony® offers peace of mind while preserving endangered resources.

Designed for a Lifetime of Play

To ensure seamless operation that lasts a lifetime, we designed all heavy-wear parts (including the button bearings, tip plate, and tip wedge) using industry-leading composite materials. Buy the Prodigy carbon fiber student viola bow for now, and enjoy it for years to come.

The Best Musicians Start With the Best Student Viola Bow

When selecting a beginners' viola bow, it is crucial to find a well-balanced, comfortable to hold, and easy-to-use bow. The Prodigy student bow checks off every box. It results from the vision shared between master bow makers and skilled teachers — a vision to create an uplifting and supportive viola bow that will help exceptional students launch their musical journeys.

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