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Cello Bow - 4/4 - CodaBow Diamond NX

Inheriting the same traditional design as the professional models of the Diamond Collection, CodaBow Diamond NX cello bows offer an uncomplicated, sweet tone. The more rigid, stronger stick and boosted weight allow maturing students more accommodation and stability while improving their bow skills. Harness consistency and command across a diverse set of techniques with the CodaBow Diamond NX carbon fiber cello bow. Boasting a strong tone and designed to offer plenty of support, the Diamond NX is an ideal cello bow for students, amateurs, and pre-professionals.


Sought After by Cello Educators

Blended Acoustic Core

The innovative NX Acoustic Core of this cello bow offers a composition of exceptional fibers. Combined, the fibers transmit a tone that's impossible to achieve in this price range and with carbon fiber alone.

Diamond Weave

Our innovative three-dimensional woven structure spans seamlessly from the bow's button to its tip, resulting in exceptional responsiveness and superior tracking capabilities. Advancing students, amateurs, and pre-professionals playing with the CodaBow Diamond NX cello bow will experience command and control previously unattainable.

Lifetime Technology

Components prone to significant wear and tear (including tip wedge, tip plate, and button bearings) on the CodaBow Diamond NX cello bow are crafted with meticulous precision from state-of-the-art composite materials, setting the industry standard and providing a lifetime of playing without concerns.

Xebony® Frog Solution

Xebony® stands as a sophisticated answer to the endangered global supply of instrument-grade ebony, utilizing a unique combination of natural fibers and resin to showcase a luxurious sheen and inherent grain, leaving both musicians and bow craftsmen deeply impressed. Stronger and more durable than natural ebony, Xebony® offers peace of mind while preserving endangered resources.

Global Bow Design

Our carbon fiber cello bows with the GlobalBow® label guarantee that each bow we manufacture excludes any endangered, monitored, or regulated species (both wildlife and plants), allowing seamless passage through international Customs.

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